Who We Are

Charlesworth Consulting is a small, unbiased family firm. We’re dedicated to helping companies navigate the complex world of insurance and risk management services in areas including Property Casualty, Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Group Benefits, Off-Shore Captives, Executive Risk, Self-Funded Studies, to name a few.

Here’s a little insight as to who we are.

  • James Charlesworth, ARM James has served clients with Charlesworth Consulting since 1989. His expertise is in commercial mortgage insurance compliance, governmental entity risk management, contract analysis, self-funding workers’ compensation, claims, and subrogation. James also has special experience in law enforcement and hospital risk management as well as being instrumental in the design and risk management services for over 40 public entities in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Texas, plus numerous not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.
  • Bob Charlesworth, CPCU, ARM Bob has served as a consultant with Charlesworth Consulting since 1984, with special training in loss control, risk financing alternatives and evaluations, safety program and committee development, and risk management training seminars. Bob also specializes in group benefit consulting, including plan designs and
    marketing of insured or self-funded alternatives.
  • Connie Sargent, ARM Connie has been with Charlesworth Consulting since 1988. Connie specializes in commercial mortgage insurance compliance reviews, designing loss information systems and loss control programs, deductible/SIR claims management, subrogation recoveries, and workplace safety consulting. ​
  • Peter Simonsen, JD Peter joined Charlesworth Consulting in 2019. He specializes in public entity risk management as well as public and private insurance procurement and program administration. Peter works with our clients to develop risk management strategies that align with their values and objectives. He also has experience in administering risk management and insurance programs, and understands the operational and organizational challenges to successful loss mitigation and risk transfer. Prior to joining Charlesworth, Peter was an assistant city attorney in Lenexa, Kansas, where he primarily handled risk management and civil litigation.
  • Haley Rakoski Haley joined Charlesworth Consulting in 2019 and provides our clients with exceptional customer service. She focuses on workers’ compensation program administration and organizational communication. Haley comes to us with experience in customer service, hospitality, and administration.
  • Zach Harsch
    Zach Harsch Zach joined Charlesworth in 2020 and is focused on program administration, educational risk management, and relationship development. Zach brings with him a deep knowledge of the insurance industry and has worked in employee benefits consulting for two years. He also knows what it’s like to work in the public sector. Prior to getting into insurance and consulting, Zach was a high school English teacher. He holds a Master’s in curriculum instruction from the University of Kansas.

What We Do

Our approach to clients is not as an insurance agent or salesperson, but rather as a consultant specializing in risk management.