What We Do

Our approach to clients is not as an insurance agent or salesperson, but rather as a consultant specializing in risk management. We don’t sell insurance. Instead, we advise clients on how to invest their insurance dollars wisely. We review the entire risk transfer and risk assumption philosophy of our clients and make recommendations based on our years of experience. We like to think of ourselves as creative people who enjoy problem-solving, Plus, we take pride in our reputation, which means you’ll always receive professional, practical, unbiased, and uncompromised solutions.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Assessment of Existing Insurance Programs
  • Proposal Specification Preparation
  • Commercial Loan Insurance Reviews
  • Self-Funded Programs
  • Trust Indenture Compliance Reports
  • Contract Review for Risk Issues
  • Assistance with Claim Management
  • Out-Sourced Risk Management/Risk Manager
  • Out-Sourced Association/Risk Transfer Pool Management
  • Loss Control/Safety Programs

Who We Are

We’re dedicated to helping companies navigate the complex world of insurance and risk management services.